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The portfolio-impact-dates Link Relation


The portfolio-impact-dates link relation identifies a link that targets the Portfolio Impact Dates resource, which is accessed using the HTTP POST method. The POST body can optionally be specified with an Xml payload corresponding to the following schema. If specified, the Xml payload allows for requesting the impact dates of a set of portfolio identifiers using their unique identifier. If unspecified, then the impact dates for all accessible portfolios are retrieved.

Here is an example POST body requesting a set of portfolio's. Each portfolio element just contains an id attribute of the portfolio's unique identifier:

<portfolios xmlns="">
  <portfolio id="37F70BAB-AEDE-4DE2-802B-003C09128ADB" />
  <portfolio id="37582D5F-28D0-4857-89BD-003C4957BF80" />
  <portfolio id="DAC2E14A-97D5-4930-85AA-023DFDF2BA4F" />
  <portfolio id="26513865-81E2-4A08-889A-03BBA125E522" />
  <portfolio id="910F28A4-252F-4D12-8A57-04B39DC302BE" />
  <portfolio id="092E8BE8-07B0-4F77-98CF-056DA537A534" />
  <portfolio id="FF3A144E-9F9D-4691-8481-065A021AD528" />
  <portfolio id="9469A7AF-6AAD-4B00-B3D8-072BFD15B397" />
  <portfolio id="3740B127-4AA8-4653-A838-07B5227C1BBA" />
  <portfolio id="638AB464-BC74-49BA-B383-0BD90DEC31D2" />
  <portfolio id="62BBA73C-93F0-4CB7-8319-0CFD9DC32D5A" />
  <portfolio id="F6E7E266-67AF-4B91-9439-0DE484C5BE2D" />
  <portfolio id="8A481840-45FC-49D6-AAE1-0EBAD160636D" />
  <portfolio id="89BE7365-59C9-43B7-B9BB-102FB1929903" />

In addition to being able to specify the portfolios to extract, two additional query string parameters are available:

  • startDateTimeUTC: This must be specified and it must be in the form 'yyyyMMddTHHmmssZ'. It represents the date and time in universal coordinated time from which we consider data change impacts within the set of portfolios requested.
  • dataChangeTypes: This is optionally specified and allows a filter for one or more data changes coming from specific sources. To specify multiple data change types, the different values should be separated with a comma. If not specified, then all data change types are considered when identifying impacts. The following categories are recognized (Note: The data change type is case insensitive):
Data Change Type Category Description
PortfolioHoldingsQuantity Portfolio Changes coming from portfolio quantity based holdings imports.
PortfolioWeightsAndReturns Portfolio Changes coming from portfolio weights and returns imports.
PortfolioUnitPrices Portfolio Changes coming from portfolio unit price imports.
PortfolioHoldingsMarketValue Portfolio Changes coming from portfolio holdings market value imports.
PortfolioAggregateCompositions Portfolio Changes coming from portfolio aggregate composition imports.
BenchmarkSeries Benchmark Changes coming from benchmark series imports.
BenchmarkConstituents Benchmark Changes coming from benchmark constituent imports.
BenchmarkTargetAllocationConstituents Benchmark Changes coming from benchmark target allocation constituent imports.
BenchmarkCompositions Benchmark Changes coming from blended benchmark constituent imports.
Classifications Classification Changes coming from classification imports.
SecurityClassifications Classification Changes coming from security classification imports.
ExchangeRates Exchange Rates Changes coming from exchange rate imports.

So for example, to request all impacts relating to changes from portfolio weights and returns imports or portfolio unit price imports, a query string value could be specified as:


or simply to extract all impacts irrespective of the data change the query string can be specified as an empty string:



The target resource contains a collection of zero or more portfolios accessible to the logged-in user and their respective impact dates based on the query specified. For further details of what impact dates are and what the resource represents refer to the Portfolio Impact Dates resource.

Update history

  • Initial Version - May 2018

Last updated: May 2018

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