To maintain optimum performance, and to ensure that the StatPro Revolution Web API is available to all our customers, limits may be imposed on the usage of the Web API.

The number of requests client applications make is logged, and these logs are subject to review. Excessive (and unfair) usage may result in action being taken to limit an application’s access to the Web API.

In most cases, a request for a resource is counted as just that: one request. In exceptional cases, where a request may cause a very large amount of data extraction and processing to be performed on the server, a request may be counted as more than one request (with respect to the Fair Usage Policy).

The following resources are exceptional in that requests for them may be counted as more than one request; please see their linked-to documentation for details:-

For details of the original Fair Usage Policy, and the circumstances of its deprecation in favour of the current less formulaic approach, please see the Change Log entry for March 2018.

Last updated: December 2017