The default-portfolio-analysis link relation identifies a link that targets the Portfolio Analysis resource for a particular portfolio’s default analysis. The resource is accessed using the HTTP GET method.


The target resource contains general information about a portfolio, as well as analysis-specific information. If the analysis has finished executing, it will contain information about the results data, plus links to resources that allow results to be extracted from the web service.

The target resource pertains to the identified portfolio’s default analysis. A portfolio always has a default analysis but is only made available if the portfolio has been shared to the user with at least view permissions (i.e. if shared with publish permissions, then the default analysis will not be available). See the section on Portfolio Accessibility for further details.

The identified link’s URI contains query string lastSuccessful=false. This tells the web service to return the latest version of the default portfolio analysis, regardless of its status (e.g. it may still be in progress, or it may have failed). If a client application is more interested in displaying results than in getting the most up-to-date portfolio analysis data, then it can change the value of this query string to true (i.e. lastSuccessful=true). This tells the web service to return the last-successful version of the default portfolio analysis if there is one, and if results data isn’t available for the latest version (e.g. because it failed, or is still in progress).

If the web service is asked for the last-successful version but one isn’t available, the latest version is returned. The returned representation indicates whether the version is the Latest, or the Last Successful.

On the server, when the latest version finishes (with or without warnings), it becomes the new Last Successful version.

Update history

  • The EarliestDate property now supports the value CustomReportingStartDate - October 2018
  • The default analysis is not longer always returned - December 2014
  • Initial Version - February 2013

Last updated: December 2014