The portfolio-analysis-status-bulk link relation identifies a link that targets the Portfolio Analysis Status Bulk resource, which is accessed using the HTTP POST method.

Querying for Data

The POST body can optionally be specified with an Xml payload corresponding to the following schema. If specified, the Xml payload allows for requesting the portfolio analysis statuses of a set of portfolios given their portfolio identifiers. If unspecified, then the portfolio analysis statuses for all accessible portfolios are retrieved.

Here is an example POST body requesting an explicit set of portfolio’s. Each portfolio element just contains an id attribute of the portfolio’s unique identifier:

<portfolios xmlns="http://statpro.com/2012/Revolution">
  <portfolio id="37F70BAB-AEDE-4DE2-802B-003C09128ADB" />
  <portfolio id="37582D5F-28D0-4857-89BD-003C4957BF80" />
  <portfolio id="DAC2E14A-97D5-4930-85AA-023DFDF2BA4F" />
  <portfolio id="26513865-81E2-4A08-889A-03BBA125E522" />
  <portfolio id="910F28A4-252F-4D12-8A57-04B39DC302BE" />
  <portfolio id="092E8BE8-07B0-4F77-98CF-056DA537A534" />
  <portfolio id="FF3A144E-9F9D-4691-8481-065A021AD528" />
  <portfolio id="9469A7AF-6AAD-4B00-B3D8-072BFD15B397" />
  <portfolio id="3740B127-4AA8-4653-A838-07B5227C1BBA" />
  <portfolio id="638AB464-BC74-49BA-B383-0BD90DEC31D2" />
  <portfolio id="62BBA73C-93F0-4CB7-8319-0CFD9DC32D5A" />
  <portfolio id="F6E7E266-67AF-4B91-9439-0DE484C5BE2D" />
  <portfolio id="8A481840-45FC-49D6-AAE1-0EBAD160636D" />
  <portfolio id="89BE7365-59C9-43B7-B9BB-102FB1929903" />

In addition to being able to specify the portfolio analyses to extract in the POST body, two additional query string parameters are available:

  • analysisContext: This must be specified and it must be one of ‘default’, ‘compliance’, ‘awaitingsignoff’ or ‘signedoff’ (case insensitive). This specifies the analysis context within which we are to identify the portfolio analysis statuses. It is only possible to extract the latest status information for one analysis context at a time.
  • includeLatestResultsDate: This is a boolean flag and optionally specified but is treated as ‘false’ if not specified. If specified as ‘true’ then the resulting resource will include the latest date that results are calculated up until for each portfolio analysis. If this information is not required it is recommended to specify this as ‘false’ since as the request will be slightly faster if it doesn’t have to include this information.


The target resource contains a collection of zero or more portfolio analyses accessible to the logged-in user and their respective statuses based on the query specified. For further details of what details are returned in this resource and what the resource represents refer to the Portfolio Analysis Status Bulk resource.

Update history

  • Initial Version - May 2018

Last updated: May 2018