The portfolio-share-classes link relation identifies a link that targets the Portfolio Share Classes resource, which is accessed using the HTTP GET method.


The target resource contains a collection of the available share classes within the tenancy or available for a specific portfolio. See the Portfolio Share Classes resource for further details on what this resource represents.

This link relation exposes a query string portfolioIdentifier. If the value of this query string is the empty string then the resulting collection of share classes will be all the share classes available in the tenancy. In order to identify which share classes are relevant to a specific portfolio, then this query string value can be specified with a string literal value of the GUID corresponding to the portfolio’s id property (See the Portfolios resource for further details of the available properties for portfolios). When extracting portfolio share classes in the context of a specific portfolio, the collection of share classes corresponds to the union of the share classes imported as unit prices into the portfolio and the one selected in the portfolio’s settings (corresponding to the shareClassId property in the Portfolios resource).

Update history

  • Initial Version - December 2016

Last updated: December 2016