Compliance Backtesting History


The Compliance Backtesting History resource represents the historic set of compliance backtesting results for a portfolio that has been activated for compliance. It will contain total level results only.

See annotated representations below for further details of the results output by this resource.

Media types

The Compliance Backtesting History resource is exposed via XML and JSON representations, which have the following media type names:- > application/vnd.statpro.revolution.api.compliance-backtesting-history+json


When a response is received from the web service with status 200 (= OK), the fact that the response contains a Compliance Backtesting History resource representation is indicated by the presence of one of these two response headers:- > Content-Type: application/vnd.statpro.revolution.api.compliance-backtesting-history+json; charset=utf-8

Content-Type: application/vnd.statpro.revolution.api.compliance-backtesting-history+xml; charset=utf-8

The Compliance Backtesting History resource always links to the Service and Porfolios resources (and to itself). To access these resources use the link relations:-

  • self
  • service
  • portfolios-query

The self link relation identifies the link to the current Compliance Backtesting History resource.

The service link relation identifies the Service resource link.

The portfolios-query link relation identifies the link that allows a new query for portfolios to be made.

Update history

  • Initial Version - June 2017

Annotated Representation (JSON)



Annotated Representation (XML)



Update history

  • Added history property to each data point - Oct 2018
  • Initial Version - June 2017

Last updated: Oct 2018