Portfolio Analysis Status Bulk


The Portfolio Analysis Bulk Status resource represents a collection of portfolio analyses where each item in the collection gives brief information regarding the status of that portfolio analyses latest calculation. Most of this status information can be obtained from a single portfolio analysis resource, however this resource allows for extracting the status information for a bulk set of portfolio analyses in one go. It is also lighter weight than the portfolio analysis resources as it is optimized for just extracting the key status information. For further details of the status information retrieved refer to the annotations below.

Requests for the Portfolio Analysis Bulk Status resource allows for extracting status information for a specified set of portfolios or all portfolios accessible to the user. Additional query strings exist that can be used to optionally extract specific status fields and to adjust the analysis context (i.e. whether we are considering the default, compliance, awaiting sign-off or signed-off results). For further details of these query strings refer to the documentation for further details of the portfolio-analysis-status-bulk link relation.

Media types

The Portfolio Analysis Bulk Status resource is exposed via XML and JSON representations, which have the following media type names:- > application/vnd.statpro.revolution.api.portfolio-analysis-status-bulk+json


When a response is received from the web service with status 200 (= OK), the fact that the response contains a Portfolio Analysis Bulk Status resource representation is indicated by the presence of one of these two response headers:- > Content-Type: application/vnd.statpro.revolution.api.portfolio-analysis-status-bulk+json; charset=utf-8

Content-Type: application/vnd.statpro.revolution.api.portfolio-analysis-status-bulk+xml; charset=utf-8

The Portfolio Analysis Bulk Status resource links to the Service resource and itself. To do so, its resource representations use link relations:-

  • service
  • self

The service link relation identifies the Service resource link.

The self link relation identifies the Portfolio Analysis Bulk Status resource link, in which the representation is the same as the one that has been currently retrieved (so long as the underlying data on the server hasn’t changed).

Update history

  • Initial Version - May 2018

Annotated Representation (JSON)



Annotated Representation (XML)



Last updated: May 2018