Portfolio Share Classes


The Portfolio Share Classes resource represents a non-paged collection of Portfolio share classes. A Portfolio share class is typically used for Mutual Funds and relate to how the fund is purchased by an investor. For example, some share classes might represent a “Capitalized share class” indicating that dividends are re-invested into the portfolio. Another share class for the same portfolio might represent a “Distributed share class” indicating that dividends are paid out. The portfolio invests in the same instruments but the return achieved by the investor depends on which share class they have purchased. Share classes can also indicate different sales charges that might be incurred on the investor. However, the choice of how share classes (and how many) are used is completely up to each client’s own needs.

Each portfolio share class within the collection contains details such as the name, code and currency of the share class.

Media types

The Portfolio Share Classes resource is exposed via XML and JSON representations, which have the following media type names:- > application/vnd.statpro.revolution.api.portfolio-share-classes+json


When a response is received from the web service with status 200 (= OK), the fact that the response contains a Portfolio Share Classes resource representation is indicated by the presence of one of these two response headers:- > Content-Type: application/vnd.statpro.revolution.api.portfolio-share-classes+json; charset=utf-8

Content-Type: application/vnd.statpro.revolution.api.portfolio-share-classes+xml; charset=utf-8

The Portfolio Share Classes resource links to the Service resource and to itself. To do so, its resource representations use link relations:-

  • service
  • self

The service link relation identifies the Service resource link.

All related resources are accessed using the HTTP GET method.

Update history

  • Initial Version - December 2016

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Last updated: December 2016