Reference Dates


The Reference Dates resource represents collection of all possible Reference Dates for use as the referenceDate parameter of the Interactive Risk Analysis resource.

Media types

The Reference Dates resource is exposed via XML and JSON representations, which have the following media type names:- > application/vnd.statpro.revolution.api.reference-dates+json


When a response is received from the web service with status 200 (= OK), the fact that the response contains a Reference Dates resource representation is indicated by the presence of one of these two response headers:- > Content-Type: application/vnd.statpro.revolution.api.reference-dates+json; charset=utf-8

Content-Type: application/vnd.statpro.revolution.api.reference-dates+xml; charset=utf-8

The Reference Dates resource links to the Service resource and itself. To do so, its resource representations use link relations:-

  • service
  • self

The service link relation identifies the Service resource link.

The self link relation identifies the Reference Dates resource link, in which the representation is the same as the one that has been currently retrieved (so long as the underlying data on the server hasn’t changed).

All related resources are accessed using the HTTP GET method.

Update history

  • Initial Version - Apr 2018

Annotated Representation (JSON)



Annotated Representation (XML)



Last updated: Apr 2018